Tuesday, June 1, 2010


very fun to pack up the clothes I bought for the girls. not sure what to do about jacob. maybe bring one outfit and donate it if he cant come home with us. making progress on packing. it was fun looking at all the stuff I bought in threes. everything is pink turquoise and purple. molly will be purple. then it will be easy to know what belongs to whom. lots of hair ponys and headbands.some toys. baseball hats for them to wear. I know they like their kids to have a hat on. should be able to finish it up soon. got one kid packed for grandmas. soon as laundry is finished I will finish their packingt too.


  1. you are getting so close!

  2. you are quickly approaching. do you feel any different about this trip? Praying for your preparations.

  3. different? yes. we both feel like going to SunnyK is like going home. it was a scary place I had never been before last time. now its like going home. its comforting. packing is taking me a bit longer this time as I have procrastinated!



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