Tuesday, June 22, 2010



We should be in SunnyK now but we have to spend one more night in Ptown because the “committee” on the seperation decided to reconsider and have another meeting. So they were to meet at 230. Then Yulia was to come to Ptown and pick us up along with some papers and go back to SunnyK. So we went to morning visit with the kids. They are usually a riot and very loving. We take them away from the other kids in the groupa otherwise its chaos and we cant really give them the attention because everyone else is jumping on you. We play Uno, draw pictures, write letters and numbers, play tic tac toe, and the dot game. We play chase and Frisbee and nokacheli(swing). This day started off poorly because Natasha got yelled at over something I don’t know what but she hid in a tree crying. Then Diana was crying over something else I have no idea what. Andrey was throwing sand and being defiant. Vasy wasn’t too bad. Finally we sent them back for lunch thinking we would go back and find lunch and then find a park to wait in until we could visit again because we already checked out of the hotel. They were kind enough to let us keep our luggage at the desk while we went about our business. Yulia was supposed to come around 5. And yet……and yet….here we are, in ptown. The committee meeting? Yeah the big cheese never showed! So now they want a letter from a doctor saying Vika is whatever she is. So tomorrow 9am we have to take Vika to a doctor to get a letter that says …something. I don’t know exactly what. Just that she is not normal. She is not developing as a normal child would. Even for a child in the orphanage. THEN we can go to Kiev. I hope.

The kids were very different this afternoon than this morning. They were funny and loving and huggy and kissy and played together and shared mama and the toys and the pen. Took turns playing Uno. No tears, many laughs. We did bring candies to lighten the mood and they were well received.

When we were walking back to town to find lunch this afternoon we saw this area where there was a backhoe. And a big hole in the ground. And pipes in the hole. And a pile of dirt. And what do you think was next to the dirt? The two workmen, napping in the shade. Sounds like this adoption so far, someone is always snoozing in the shade when they need to be working! So we are back in room 207 here at hotel Ptown. It’s the same room we always stay in. and besides we just left it they didn’t have time to fill it again!

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