Friday, June 11, 2010

Another day in Sunny K

so another day has ended. We slept in this morning. then lazed around awhile reading. We got dressed and had a little lunch and thought to go out but then Nicholai called and said he was picking us up at 230 to go get our official referral papers. We got those after waiting around for about an hour. We had to give it to Nicholai though to give to Yulia so she can do wahtever needs doing with it to go to Ptown on Monday. but before I handed it over I learned that Natasha was born the same year as Ethan only 2 months before. she was born 04/04 of that year. Molly was born the same year as Ben and Maia. but I cant remember if I remembered to switch the numbers in my head as they write the day first then the month then the year when writing a date. so 03.04.05 would mean the third day of the fourth month of the year 05. I know the year is right and makes sense, but I cant remember if I switched the month and day. so I THINK she was born in September that year. but I could be mistken. and alas I wont even KNOW I am mistaken until at least monday. We really know very little about Molly so we are anxious to go and see her and Natasha.

after that we laid down on the bed and were relaxing and reading as the workmen left a huge mess covering the entire room we could do little else. so they came back now knowing we were here. you cant see the bed when you come in the door. so I waited until they unlocked the door came in and were halfway across the room and I said Zdrastvuchia in a light voice. he startled and laughed we all laughed. then we put on our shoes and left them to work. We walked and walked all over up the hill from here. We are pretty familiar with down the hill so we went up instead. We landed back at TGIFridays for dinner. and dessert. We called the Urbans to join us but they were busy. then we walked all the way back up the hill to our NICE COOL AIR CONDITIONED APARTMENT! wow that was nice after a hot walk up the hill! Only two more days here at Hotel Saint La Cucaracha. then we are off to Ptown to see the girls. then after a day or two we will be back here to get the other referrals for Diana and Jacob.

This brings us to realize WE NEED ANOTHER SET OF BUNKS! and two more mattresses! so when Eric goes home he needs to finish putting up the girls bunks and go buy bunks for Jacob and Ben and put them together. Ben has about grown out of his little toddler bed. and his mattress is shot. so he can go on the bottom, Jacob on the top, and Ethan in his cute little wooden bed that I love so much. We didnt buy them before because we just didnt know if Jacob would be coming home. we are more hopeful now that they have at least found his file. and Serge seems very positive we will have all 4 of them. so Ethan you and Ben are pretty likely getting a new brother!

In other sad news Miss Madeline of Reeces Rainbow, who has my heart, is likely to go to the institution soon. she is scheduled for that to happen this year. Wont someone PLEASE go get her? She has arthrogryposis but that is NOT the end of the world. I have two kids with it! they are a delight and a joy to me. they are smart and think outside the box. I know of lots of other kids with it as well, and they are bright and beautiful too. She is such a little beauty. dont you want a sweet little brown eyed girl of your own?

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  1. I hope the weekend goes quickly for you guys!!! I know you're dying to see your girls!




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