Friday, June 4, 2010

!Exhausted! Already!

kids all showered, mostly packed for everyone. just need blankies and stuffies but we are spending tonight at home so cant pack those till tomorrow. Been to the bank, mostly packed the car. Fed the kids a couple times. pizza in now so we dont have leftovers. I cleaned out the garage and found that our girls WILL NOT LACK for clothes! when your big sister is a fashion plate and mom never got around to getting rid of stuff that means you get lots of VERY nice handmedowns! I found some clothes for Jacob in it all. smells musty though so have to run it through the wash. I didnt buy any clothes for him because I didnt know if he would be joining us. he is in my heart though and I cant go there and bring stuff to the girls and not remember him. So he has some clothes to wear if he comes home. If he doesnt, I will give him the clothes I brought and he can keep them. I would RATHER see him wear them home but at least he will know we care if he can't. mqaybe I ought to pick up some cars too, I hadnt thought of that, I was so focused on the girls.

things I need to get at Target tomorrow when we go to Grammas

watch for me
cars for Jacob
pull ups for Ethan
and something else I cant recall! what if its something really important?

PAPERS! OHMYGOSH! I need to pack papers! I cant go without that! I could wear the same clothes or buy new ones but I NEED THOSE PAPERS! signing off to go pack them before I forget!


  1. Have a great and safe trip!
    So happy for your girls!

  2. Have a safe trip! Hope to meet you over here!

  3. Good luck, have a safe trip and can't wait to see pictures of those cuties!!!!



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