Monday, May 31, 2010


they are asking for one new document. I guess it could be worse! so we will have to get that done this week. actually it shouldnt be too hard because the kids will be off of school and I can run up to Erics office and get him to run to the bank and sign and then thursday on his day off we can run get it apostilled. they want a new petition that states FOUR kids because apparently the one we sent only says TWO kids. I wish I had read that and paid attention but I didnt catch it. but it will be an easy enough document to procure. so I think this week after today I can finally start thinking abotu packing. only a week away! a week from now I will be at the airport waiting for our first leg of the journey. A week from tomorrow I will be in Germany taking in some sights and eating some yummy German food. we are on our way girls!!! we are coming for you!

Friday, May 28, 2010

anxious nervous worried scared excited happy hopeful and back to anxious again.
need to call gramma today with a plan for the kids. she doesnt know which day they are coming to her but is prepared to have them. made a bunch of calls to organise this or that or cancel this or that. a few more to do. Fabio needs a haircut today since mom is taking him home tomorrow. guess I better go get going. I so want to get out the big suitcase and PACK IT!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


dog care...CHECK
plane tickets...CHECK
child arrangements...CHECK
missing you....CHECK
Ride to airport/place to stay night before...CHECK
clothes for me....CHECK
clothes for girls....CHECK...But I better check on pjs I think I bought fleece thinking we would go earlier.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I am anxious to pack but it is a bit early...
so I am making mental lists
mental notes, take this, not that
bought some clothes to wear so one thing off my list.

everyone is anxious to get them home. the littles are anxious to go to grammas house to stay.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


ok we are flying united and lufthansa.
Leaving Minneapolis June 7 @ 1145am
to Denver. dumb yes but all we could get.
from Denver to Frankfurt where we will have
about 10 hours to see the city before hopping a plane
and getting into SunnyK about 2am on the 9th. I imagine
once we get to an apartment we will want to shower and sleeeeeeep
for about a week, but that will not be possible. We
have a very important appointment on the 10th!

Hope to see some of you in SunnyK.
A friendly face is great when you travel.

Friday, May 21, 2010

ok girls!

flights are booked! comin to get ya! now to do the million other things I havent done in the time I was waiting(but should have)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Guess what???

We have an appointment to come to SunnyK! Our appointment is June 10!!! HOORAY!!! Got a call in for tickets. hoping they come in at a decent price. called Grandmas and told them the good news. Now to find a place for Mocha and maybe someone to check on and feed kitty. anxious to start packing but might be a little soon. perhaps instead of packing I could start list making. I am big on lists when I have something big like this going on. Otherwise I forget things. Sometimes even WITH a list I forget things. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am so excited to come and see you all again!

Monday, May 17, 2010

dear martha

dear martha at rainbow kids
While I love to get mail, please stop sending me notes about beautiful, precious children I can not adopt. My girls are coming home soon and that will make nine. I am pretty sure we wont be looking for any additions any time soon. so please stop breaking my heart with your emails of all the babies who need mamas. I am doing all I can.


If 500 people donated just TEN DOLLARS we would have the rest of what we need to get the girls home. Are you reading this? can you be one of the 500? We have fundraised, sold bracelets, scrimped and saved, sold things, and have done everything humanly possible. if you don't feel you can donate ten dollars maybe you could buy something at and help us out that way.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

missing you

Dear Girls
We are missing you a lot these days. every day it seems we come up with something new that we wish you could be here to enjoy with us. Today was a beautiful day outside in the garden. We wished you were here with us putting up the hoop house, playing in the sandbox, climbing on the climber, running with the dogs, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes. Last weekend we had a cookout and thought how much more fun it will be at our cookouts when you join us. We love you and cant wait to hear when we can come back to you. While I know I will miss the kids here, I am very excited to hold you all again. And this time I wont let go. We will ride this wave all the way to shore once we have you in our arms.

Anxiously awaiting,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

still nothing

no word. wondering how to buy plane tickets for the kids not knowing who is coming? feeling sad that I havent heard anything yet and that no one seems to care enough to help out with the costs. people are happy to put their head in the sand and pretend life like these kids experience just doesnt exist. having adopted frsom two seperate Eastern European countries, I know that my girls are in a good place, but not a place that is better than a family. and they cant stay there forever. they are already scheduled to be moved. My beauties will become targets where they are headed,no doubt. but once they age out, their future is just as grim. no training, no family, no money, no help. so how you gonna get a job? oops you cant because you are different so no one will hire you, you dont have any references anyways since you dont know anyone who can vouch for you. how you gonna eat? oops you cant because you cant make any money. who is going to help you? oops no one. so you turn to prostitution to make enough money to eat. you turn to drugs to numb the pain.


you could be adopted by a family who will love you, educate you, help you, take care of you and make sure your needs are met. You could grow up in a country that accepts your differences and lets you be you. you could grow up and go to college and be just about anything you want to be. you could get married and have babies and live a nice life. you could know love, you could learn to trust, to build relationships. you could have a FUTURE here.

which would you choose for a child? I know I cant turn my back on the destitution these kids face.

Monday, May 10, 2010

another fundraising atttempt

go to the site, pick the shirt you want, email me at to tell me what you want.
prices are on the site. but I have to get at least 20 shirts ordered before I would make anything. go get a cool shirt for yourself and help us save our girls from a horrible future!
missing you, my girls. we put up one set of beds yesterday. you will love them. they are so pretty. and I cant wait to get girly comforters to put on them. I cant decide between pink or blue or two pink and two blue.

I keep waiting to hear something. I havent heard anything yet. but I keep hoping. I hope Jacob will come home with us. I think he would be so much fun to have around. I know you girls love him too. Benjamin is anxiously waiting for you. Sophie asks me every day when you will come. I thought I had you girls all named but not so sure now. maybe you wont like the names I picked out. then again no one ever does like their own name it seems. We wont be changing your first names Natasha and Diana, but Vika will be Molly Victoria. I just cant decide on middle names for you big girls. I am hoping to come see you soon. know we think of you so often. so many times during the day your names pop up. we miss you. we love you. seeyou soon.
Love, mama

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

jelly bracelets!

3 dollars or 2 for 5. they are pink green or blue and say Touched by adoption. I know people dont like to just donate but every time a school sells some nonsense people buy like crazy. maybe you can help us save 3 lives! Buy a bracelet or 2!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Still waiting. but thats ok I am actually rather HOPING to wait just a bit longer. Long enough for the kids to finish school before we have to go. Long enough to get the bunks put up. Long enough for me to learn a few more words in another language. Long enough for me to find them a jacket at a decent price. not too long. just long enough.

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