Wednesday, June 9, 2010

mooch? maybe!

I know just enough about computers to be dangerous. After two unsuccesful attempts to use wifi at locations about town I came home to find an ethernet cable and a modem of some sort under the coffee table and thought, hey why not try it? and here I am! posting! on the internet! All I did was plug it into the wall and plug the ethernet cord to my laptop!

The view from our 15th floor apartment is great. we walked waaaaay down to krechatik street this afternoon, after we slept till 4. we went to the mcdonalds we went to a hundred times when we were here with sophie and ben and cody. we had a coke to use the interent except it didnt work. and my battery was running out so we left. We stopped at Leonardo for pizza(which was yummy) and the waiter spoke English a little. told us to come again. I was unable to figure out their internet either.
Well at least we will have internet here at the apartment for now. Not sure what will happen when we get to Ptown. We asked Nicholai about the star modem and he said doesnt work in Ptown, but it DID work just fine when we were there last fall. Will ask Yulia about getting something like that as she speaks better english. On the way under the street(street crossings are underground) we stopped at a kiosk and Eric bought me a white watch with rhinestones and the face of a gal with a ponytail on it. it says new day and the background is mother of pearl(esque). but it wasnt that expensive(around 200 grivnas) and I do love it and best of all I CAN TELL TIME AGAIN!

Tomorrow is our SDA appointment. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! we will go and hear all about the children and their social/medical/ health history and possibly seeing photos of them as youngsters. Very excited to finally hear about them. will know more about the Jacob situation then.

will post some photos.

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  1. Hope your SDA appointment goes smoothly and hope you get to Ptown Friday! I can't wait to hear more and see pictures. So happy for you.



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