Monday, May 31, 2010


they are asking for one new document. I guess it could be worse! so we will have to get that done this week. actually it shouldnt be too hard because the kids will be off of school and I can run up to Erics office and get him to run to the bank and sign and then thursday on his day off we can run get it apostilled. they want a new petition that states FOUR kids because apparently the one we sent only says TWO kids. I wish I had read that and paid attention but I didnt catch it. but it will be an easy enough document to procure. so I think this week after today I can finally start thinking abotu packing. only a week away! a week from now I will be at the airport waiting for our first leg of the journey. A week from tomorrow I will be in Germany taking in some sights and eating some yummy German food. we are on our way girls!!! we are coming for you!


  1. Hello neighbor! I just wanted to introduce myself! We live in Minnesota too.... not too far from you!
    The girls are gorgeous and I can't wait to see them home with you! Your appointment is coming up fast... I hope we get ours soon. Our dossier is almost complete, waiting for our new I-171H and our medicals... and its done!

  2. So exciting!!! I'm getting antsy for you to get there for your girls!! =)



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