Wednesday, June 9, 2010

day 2 travel

After not sleeping much last night we got into Frankfurt about noon local time. We found the luggage storage place and hopped a train to town. We walked and walked all day. We saw churches that were a thousand years old! We had german potatoe salad and frankfurter in the old Frankfurt square. We had icce cream cones too. Yummy. We saw the river Main. We got rained on a little and then caught a train back to Frankfort airport for our flight to Kiev that leaves at 10pm. I have been battling allergies to something since we started our descent to Frankfort. I have been sniffling sneezing blowing my nose a lot. It came on very suddenly. All was fine then I started sneezing and have spent the better part of the day sneezing. A full day in Frankfort on little to no sleep, and feeling miserable, you can bet I am worn out now. We thought we would grab something in the airport to eat. That didn’t go so well. We ran out of Euros and the sandwhich stand wont take a credit card. But they said I could pay in USD. 2 sandwhiches, a coke and a water. 27 dollars. We ate trail mix from my bag instead. I am still starving! I hope they give us SOMETHING on the flight to Kiev. But it’s a bit late for dinner since we arent leaving until 10pm. We should get into Kiev around 230am. Exhausted no doubt and probably fairly useless tomorrow as we recover. It was our 8th wedding anniversary today, on June 8th. So spending the day touring Frankfurt was extra special and fun. Even if my feet hurt now!

Last year when we brought sophie and ben home I remember having to remove my lap top from the bag every time I went through a security check point. This year I packed the cord in my carry on bag and NOTHING ELSE in my laptop bag with my laptop. I havent had to take it out once. There is no so much as a pencil in there. So if you are bringing your laptop when you travel, put your cord in a different bag and save yourself the trouble of having to drag your laptop out and put it back 20 times. I thought I found a freebie wireless here at Frankfurt. Turns out it isn’t free. 8 euros for 1 hour. No thanks. I will just post and save in Microsoft works and post when I see internet. Missing every one. Love you all.

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  1. Ok, I am BEHIND on blog reading! Now there are "checkpoint friendly" laptop bags, that open like a clam shell. One fast ZIP, and the whole bag lays flat on the rollers, no need to take ANYTHING out, and you can get everything you want in there. I had my camera (my big Rebel) my laptop, my Ipod, and all the cords to go with them, plus my big T90 calculator because at 40+ years old I still had a bunch of homework to bring along on the trip. LOL. Even with all that, I didn't have to take a single thing out of my bag.



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