Wednesday, June 23, 2010


GAH! why does this have to be so difficult? its bordering on the ridiculous at this point! we came back for sda. but we DONT HAVE THE CONCLUSION FROM LOCAL PRINCIPALITY! so no sda. wth? so now we sit here with another day on our hands where nothing is accomplished. running out of strength to keep this up. kids at home missing us. us missing them. kids here missing us. us missing them. and yet nothing is moving. we are trapped between a rock and a very hard place much resembling a rock. We are going to go find some lunch since we never did eat breakfast this morning. that is if I can pull it together long enough to go out in public.


  1. Sorry that you guys are having such a difficult time this trip! Praying that there will be quick resolution and you will be on your way home with the kiddos soon!

  2. Wow guys, hang on. We were in Ukraine for a full month before we got rolling, and then it took another 3 weeks for court. Praying for you all.

  3. Oh have been in our daily prayers!!

    I cant even begin to imagine how you are feeling!!

    The kids are beautiful and I am so glad you finally got some pictures!!!

  4. the kids are gorgous and sweet and loving and the only reason we keep pressing on trying to get things moving. yes it is for us, because selfishly we want to be with them and bring them home, but also its for them, for their future, because they are such good kids.

  5. I don't mean to be mean, unfeeling or uncompassionate but it the seperation thing fails perhaps you could adopt both girls. Then if it doesn't work out for Vika-find her a new home in the states? Just an idea-you are in my prayers, cara

  6. cara it has crossed my mind..... but we are in it up to our ears already....not sure they would even let us take the little one at this point.



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