Wednesday, June 9, 2010

welcome to SUNNY K!

Today is Wednesday

Welcome to sunny K!

As usual this day dawned bright and sunny. I am not yet convinced that they have anything other than gorgeous sunny days here. We arrived last night about 130am. Nicholai, who is very much the father type, picked us up. He didn’t remember us at first but he sees so many families and as we talked on the way to our apartment the light went on and he did remember. We stopped at the grocery store that doubles as an exchange station and got some money changed and some cheese and meat and jelly and bread. We also got minutes for our phone. This is how we stay in contact with the people who are here to help us. We can call them day or night. I have heard of some people even calling for help ordering in a restraunt. They are that available to us. Although we are not at all concerned as we are very happy to be back in this fair city. We are staying at an apartment on the 15th floor and the view is out of this world! You can see for miles and miles out our window. It is a pretty small apartment, pretty much just one room. The bed is right in the living room area. But it works our for us since there is only the two of us. There is internet next door at the library we are told. But we slept most of the day today(man that felt good) and don’t know if its still open or not. So you may not see this post until tomorrow(Thursday). We have a bathtub here so I took a nice bath when we got up. The tub is pretty narrow though! And I didn’t use nearly as much water as I would normally because it would have taken a year to fill that high since the water pressure is not great. Its kind of like a thick trickle, maybe a little more than that, but not a lot of force or flow. I enjoyed the bath though anyway since I so rarely get them.

We had a great time in Germany and in the airport met a missionary couple who lives in SunnyK with their two adorable little girls Skyla and Vika. They had been visiting back in the states and were on their way home to Sunny K. The airport in Frankfurt was SMELLY! Everywhere we went it smelled like toilet or outhouse or diarrhea. It was bad. Thank goodness we went out for the day and didn’t have to sit there and smell that for 10 hours! One restroom had no towels or towel dispenser of any kind. Another woman was in there at the same time as me and we looked and looked. No drying of the hands in any way. We finally shrugged and left. With wet hands. We got back to the airport around 6 or 7 for our 10pm flight out. We went to the gate listed on our ticket. There was a thai airplane sitting there. And lots of asian people waiting to get on. We checked the boards multiple times and our flight wasn’t even up there! So I got the bright idea to go do a desk person where another flight was waiting and explain and ask if he knew anything. After some digging we found it was not B 46 it was B 58 and was down the long hall and downstairs. So here we were waiting at the wrong gate for an hour. Then when we got on we found that we were both scheduled for a window seat. Which means there are 4 seats between us. Thankfully it was not a very full flight and the fellow sitting next to Eric didn’t mind giving up his seat and taking my window seat so we could sit together. They served us dinner around 1030 or 11. Good thing cus I was STARVED by then. Since we refused to pay 27 dollars for 2 sandwiches and a coke and a water. Or 7 euros for a bottle of water. (about 10 usd) its highway robbery! Price gouging for sure! You cant bring any in with you so you HAVE to buy it from them if you want anything. And there is no such thing as a water fountain either. So we were very happy to see dinner.

Tomorrow(Thursday) we have 9am appt to ask for official referrals of the kids. Then we wait. If they get it all done by that evening then we go to Ptown on Friday and get the ball rolling. HOPE HOPE HOPING that’s what happens because if they don’t get to it until Friday/Friday eve then we wont be able to go start things in Ptown until Monday. We were also told that Yulia was flying out to Simferopol today so I don’t know if she will be back for our appointment or if someone else will be there with us. Ok well Eric is out of the shower so I will close this for now and go see if the library is open. Or maybe find mcDs where they have inernet. At any rate we love and miss everyone and think of the kids so much. We send hugs and kisses to them. And the grammas and papas too.

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