Monday, June 14, 2010


we got up very early and went to Ptown. we were allowed to meet Natasha and Molly. Natasha is as beautiful as ever. and smart too! can already count to ten in english! She very much wants to be adopted. the problem comes in that Molly is ...well.... she is Molly/Vika. she is all over the place. I didnt get a single picture. I was completely occupied keeping her out of trouble. she is EVERYWHERE all at once. she is worse than an octopus she is like TWO octopi. She is also very mentally challenged. She is very cute and I liked to make her laugh. She could run circles around Ethan she is so active. Poor Natasha didnt get nearly the attention I wanted to give her. Natasha does not want her sister to come along. she is worried she will have to be the caretaker, which leads me to believe perhaps there was some family dysfunction before coming into care. We are asking that they consider splitting up the sisters as we can not handle Molly/Vika's severe needs. She doesnt communicate, we are told she doesnt respond well to redirection(I found that myself as well when she nearly broke my glasses after I caught her and redirected her no less than THREE times), she also has emotional outbursts like crying screaming and laughing all at once. The social worker as well as the orphanage director support our decision. But all is in the hands of this committee tomorrow who we have to convince to let them be seperated. This child needs one on one care every minute. If I were to leave a pot on the stove(she is 5 mind you) she would think nothing to grab it. she grabs everything. She is much like an infant in a 5 year old body.

We do hope still to adopt Diana and Vasiliy.
We did get a chance to see them in passing. We also saw Andrey. they are SO LITTLE!! Andrey told us he is 6 and Vasiliy told us he is 8. Vasiliy is probably Maia's size or slightly larger. NOT the American 8 year old I pictured in my head! And little Andrey is tiny like Ben only Ben has some squish to him and Andrey is all bones like Ethan. It was fun to see them all again. We are sad that Vika/Molly is so mentally challlenged, we had hoped she would have a better prognosis.

So we are back in Kiev for the night and will go to this meeting tomorrow morning in some far off city and then go to Pryluky and hope to spend some time with Natasha until we get local clearance then its back to Kiev to ask for Diana and Vasiliy referral permission. so we have to go find some food for the night.


  1. I am sad that all is not working out as you planned. saying that, I think your decision about Molly is a good one. I am not sure how fair it would be to all the other kids if Molly took all your time and energy. You have a lot of love to share but even you have your limits.

  2. What emotional turmoil you must be dealing with. Thinking of you as you try to get everyting worked out.

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  4. That is a tough one, but sometimes decisions like that need to be made. Please keep us updated. We just got back to the apartment (well....YOUR apartment, actually) and we are pooped! John is going to try to get some work done since it's business hours there. If you're around tomorrow we would love to see you again. I know you'll be running around as we may be too. But let's try if we can! We already miss you guys!

  5. Wow, what a roller coaster... I am sorry. Hope all works out tomorrow and the referrals for Diana and Vasiliy go through. Our dossier is going out this week. Hope to be in Ptown soon!! Yah!

  6. Praying for you. I can't imagine the emotional turmoil you must be going through right now.

    Sweltering in Zaporozhye.



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