Thursday, June 10, 2010


so we had our appointment. and while Serge huffed and puffed and sweet talked and begged and pleaded and smiled sweetly at everyone he could they would only give us the referral for the two sisters, which is natasha and molly. so we are petitioning for another appointment for the others. at first they said Jacobs file was lost and they had to find it. then said we should ask at the orphanage for his whole name. then Serge got a bright idea and asked if I had picture of him. I DID! so they found his file. but like I said they wont let us have referral for them all right now. we also found out that Diana has a sister named Kristiana who is 4 and is already adopted. but later he said they wont seperate siblings. so go figure on that one. We still know basically nothing about any of the children at this point. so we are here in hotel La Cucaracha for a few more days. It is not likely that our papers would be ready today so tomorrow late afternoon. Which means we can not go to Ptown until Monday because the officials of the region need to be there when we meet the kids. after we meet them and get local approval(should be only a day or so) then we can go back to SunnyK and ask for more referrals We spent the day with Charissa and John, they were having to file the same papers as we so we were at the notary together. We also met Toby and Suzanne on the ride to sda. John and Charissa are just across the street from us. might get togehter with them later.


  1. Oh Tammy....Sounds like its going to be crazy!! We are praying for you guys here!!!!

    I do expect pictures right away when you go see those pretty girls of yours!!!

  2. Hi Tammy, We're in Zaprozhye so we probably won't get to meet you after all. :( I hope you get to p'town sooner than later, though! We're loving our visits with Nadia although it is pretty hot down South here!!! Glad you are able to get together with our American couples--that helps pass the time I'm sure.


  3. Good luck with the rest of the SDA and referrals. Hopefully they will quickly figure it out.

  4. Praying for a quick resolution with your referrals. Please say Hello to our dear friends, the Urbans. I'm so glad your able to spend time together. What a treat!

  5. the urbans are great fun. kristin we JUST missed you. you left the night we came in. serge says YOU WILL HAVE ALL FOUR! so we are taking heart in that.



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