Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ahem, mother of ten

yes. I will be mother of ten. mother of TEN!!! I will leave here mother of 6. I will return as mother of 10. I can hardley wait to tell people when they ask if we have kids that I have 10! technically we will have 12 if you count Josh and Danielle. they are Erics kids from previous marriage. but they are grown and dont live with us. shocking. exciting. life altering. but do you knwo what? if I had two kids and worked in an office at a desk all day I could never be this happy. My kids are my life. Raising kids is what I do. It's what I do and I love it. It is the best job in the world. there isnt any monetary gain in this job but the rewards are far and above any money I could earn at a desk job. Maia is my sensetive girl and wants me to be sure and sing her lullaby every night while we are apart. I sing it to her now for the girls. she always asks me to sing tonya's song for the girls. We used to sing it for Sophie and Ben too before they came home. now if I had a job who would miss me like that? who would wake up and go to sleep wanting only me? its good to be in demand. The others aren't as clingy as she is but I treasure all their hugs and kisses too. my entire life is a collection of memories that include children. I cant imagine it any other way. I can hardley wait to bring home the newest additions to our family and start building memories with them.


  1. You will most certainly love being a mom of 10 as well I am sure. I dont know what thats like as we went from mom of 9 to 11 and then 12 so we skipped over the 10 mark!! Enjoy those kiddos!!

  2. Have I missed something? does this mean you are getting the little boy aswell?...I am so happy for you guys...and yes there is no better reward than being a mum and getting to stay home and raise them..

  3. we just dont know. wont know till we are there for sure. but counting on it. if not him, someone else.

  4. Beautifully stated! Lovely sentiment.



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