Saturday, June 12, 2010


it feels like we are spinning our wheels here. we are doing nothing to get our kids, and yet still have to be away from our other kids. it is hard to just sit around waiting for monday. Nothing happens on the weekend, much like the US. So while we have the papers we need, we can do nothing with them until Monday. I guess its been about long enough because I am missing the kids something awful tonight. We had a good day out with the MCDonald family and the Urbans but then we came home and I am starting to lose it. I wanna hold my babies. I wanna hold Maia's hand. I wanna grab a scrappy Ethan by the arm and put him in a bear hug to calm him like I do. I want Ben to hug Mama's leg and say I Lub you mama. I want to feel Sophie snuggle into my shoulder like a baby so I can squeese the stuffins out of her. its very hard to just sit here and wait.

we went to the Ukrainian restraunt today. some of the food I liked and some I did not. Eric loved everything he had. Then we went to Kreshatik street and sat in the shade on benches and visited with the Urbans and McDonalds. Urbans are coming over to hijack our internet for a bit then we are going to play a rousing game of Uno. I dont know if McDonalds are going to come over or not, John was going to call them on the way over. I finished my book already so I am going to swap with Charissa. Chrysta did you finish your book? so anyways I guess thats all the news on the SunnyK front. anotehr beautiful sunny day here. about 90 degrees. hope you all are well.



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