Thursday, June 17, 2010

welcome to the boom town


We left Sunny K at 10 (yesterday) and got here to Ptown by about noon. The driver helped us get our luggage to our room(same one we stayed in last time!) and pay the bill. Then we were on our own.
We went to visit with the kids today. We went into the groupa and Andre saw us first and came running and hugging. Then Vasy. We hugged the girls and pretty soon every kid in the place was hugging us jumping on us calling us mama and papa. I gave Vika lots of loves, she enjoys that. Natasha showed me her fancy outfit for their upcoming program and the fancy shoes she will wear. I clucked about how lovely they were. Diana showed me her fancy shoes too. They had all just gotten up from naptime and had snack so they were all in underpants. It was bedlam. I do not think the nanny appreciated it. But finally she shooed them all to get dressed. I helped Vika get dressed. The girls were telling me all the English they knew. They are amazing. We all went outside and I got out the Uno cards and we played that with Vasy, Andrey, Natasha, and Diana. There were lots of other little scamps that wanted to play(younger) but I wouldn’t share because I didn’t want them to run off with my cards! Natasha and Diana and I played long after the boys tired of it. Natasha will make quite a gymnast! She is VERY flexible. She showed me her splits and her back bends and she and Diana both showed me their poses. I took lots of photos of lots of little kids. Vasy is SO in need of a loving family. He just hugged and hugged us. couldn’t get enough loving. He was not at all shy about it. Eric played soccer with him a little while, roughhoused with him a little while. He just couldn’t get enough attention. His love tank is OBVIOUSLY not full. The same nanny was there as last year so she let us play. didn’t question anything. Taxi fare has increased a bit. And since we can never actually get a taxi to return for us, and it was a gorgeous cool breezy evening we just walked home to the hotel Ptown. I believe tomorrow is their program and they invited us to come. I hope we are right that its tomorrow!

We went to lunch this afternoon over at the market. Chrysta remember that place? They have just about anything you could ever need at the market. We also went to get some crackers bread cheese meat etc at the big grocery. We always went to the smaller one last time thinking it was SO FAR to the big one. Well we decided to go to the big one and THANK GOODNESS! They have EVERYTHING there! We got a lot for about 12 dollars. They have everything there from pool toys, clothes for kids, shoes, liquor, food, water, juice, produce, deli. Everything. Absolutely everything. And it isn’t far at all! Probably closer than the other one. The little grocery store was on the walk home so it was convenient but this one is very close we can walk there whenever.

I got my little MTC modem to work. But for a 90 grivna card I sure didn’t get much! I read a few emails, sent one(no pictures just words) and tried to upload a picture to my blog(which didn’t finish) and wham its gone. I think I need to find some free wifi nearby. There is a coffee shop next door maybe they have wifi and I could go there and have a latte or something.

Well I am tired. I havent been sleeping well. Tonight, having hugged the children, perhaps I can sleep.

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