Tuesday, June 22, 2010

finally in kiev so ....photos!

vasy is obviously the boy and natasha is in pink sweater, brown hair. Diana stripey sweater blonde hair. go ahead and tell me how cute they are! the girls want their ears pierced. of all things they could ask for thats what they want lol. typical girls!


  1. they are precious!!!! and I'm glad to see vasy!! I didn't know what he looked like yet...

  2. They're adorable! Oh lucky you!! :) So happy for you guys and glad to know you're here in Kiev. I'd ask where you're staying, but I don't know where anything is around here. We're on Ivanova St near the eternal flame monument, if that means anything to you. Hoping to meet up with some families one of these days. We're blessed to be on the same page as the Urbans and getting to spend time dotting I's and crossing T's together and tomorrow we go to our orphanage to meet our children for the first time! Well, they've been going to visit Joseph and tomorrow will go and begin to visit officially with their little girl for the first time :)

  3. They are so sweet! Adorable children!



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