Sunday, June 13, 2010

just another day in paradise

apparently everyone at home is having a great time because I have not heard from anyone in a couple of days. We had a great day here today. weather was windy which cooled it a bit. walked for hours and wandered upon this GORGEOUS park with a view of the river and a beach across the other side of it. we wandered into the back side of St Michael's from the park and listened to the monks singing mass. it was beautiful. we had dinner with the reeces rainbow reunuion. We walked up the hill one last time with our friends Charissa and John. Hope to run into them later when we have to come back here. now we are going to sleep as we have to get up early AM shower and pack and meet Vanya at 640am to head to Pryluky. Not sure when I will have internet again. I bought a 3g modem but it needs a sim card and the guy didnt sell me one of THOSE! so after THAT I should have internet. I hope.

good night Maia. I love you. Good night Ethan. I love you. Good night Sophie. I love you. Good night Benjamin. I love you. Good night Chrysta and Cody. I love you. and soon goodnight natasha diana molly and jacob.

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