Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the latest in the saga

we are going back to Ptown tomorrow 10am. if we have to sit around and wait we will sit around and wait while playing with the children. all of the children. any child they will let us play with. might as well have fun here right? and build a relationship with the kids. the kids we hope to bring home, and maybe a bright spot for the ones left behind.

We had our last dinner with the Urbans tonight. We went to the local country specific food place. it was good. gosh we will miss them. we have had this nearly parallel adoption journey with them. We have had a great time with them and hope to see them again at some point.

We stopped off at TGIFridays for the RRR of the week. Met some people I had been hoping to see but really in a group that big you cant talk to everyone. We did enjoy talking to Gretchen from our home state and enjoyed her little guy Ricky. I got to meet Christine, whom I wish I had more time to talk with as I know she is filled with wisdom. but we had dinner plans with the Urbans so we just had a coke while waiting for them to arrive.

so now I think we will go to bed emotionally and physically exhausted as we have been up and down the hill several times today and its about a mile and half each way. Thats Eric's estimate I think its closer to two miles, and at some points it feels like its about ten! But we have thoroughly scoured SunnyK in our time here. we have seen TONS of stuff. had lots of good walks. met some great people. but we are ready to be moving on with this and getting on home to our family and kids.


  1. I hope all goes well in P'town tomorrow! Was hoping to meet you in Kiev this weekend but it sounds like you'll be heading out! Good for you!


  2. hi momma i hope all goes good for you guys tomorrow and tell the kids hi if they remember me

  3. Bless your heart. I'm praying for you right now.

  4. Thinking of you. Waiting for news. Hoping all is going well and progress is being made.

  5. I am sooo sorry for your mess. At least you are heading back to PTown..maybe you'll get to see our little Vanya running around. Our dossier went out today!!!! Yah....finally get to see the light. I'm praying for you. Kim B

  6. we didnt see baby V but we are at the preschool and he is still at the baby house. but there was a cute cute cute kid with ds who was included in EVERYTHING at the preschool program so hopefully baby V wont be tooo far behind!



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