Wednesday, June 30, 2010

we waited

and waited and waited. we went out only to get water and groceries. we were back in half an hour. the rest of the day was sitting in this tiny apartment that is no bigger than my kitchen/dining room. we were waiting for word that our documents had arrived and they would be picking us up for sda apppt. except the sda doesnt have any appointments left for the day. which means we spent the ENTIRE day here doing NOTHING for NOTHING! we had planned tomorrow to go to Cherobyl museum. but now tomorrow we will go to sda and wait around for papers that MUST BE FILED on friday in order to get court next Thursday. WHY does this have to be so complicated??? it is bordering on the fidiculous how much paper work and how this crazy process goes. each thing is successive and you can do NOTHING in sync. each thing must wait for the last. we are ready to be home. we have been here since June 9. pushing a month! this was supposed to take two weeks. we are so tired and frustrated. but we are still hanging on hope that Jaeger and Andre will be part of our family.


  1. Sorry it is taking so long. Hopefully things will start to speed up.

  2. You dont know me, but I came across your blog about 2wks randomly. I have been checking in daily ever since!

    You are in my thoughts and I hope things start going much smoother (very quickly!).

  3. We are thinking of you every day...hang in there! Your car is safe and sound in our garage...we are hoping tomorrow brings you good news. Vacation Bible School this week - I'll have the kids pray for a good decision for your family. Love to you both...

  4. jeanne is now claiming that her and her catholic school kids prays are the reason your paperwork came. Hard to figure out but she prayed and a day later you got the paper work. lol Damn sky hooks



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