Sunday, June 27, 2010

photos of yesterdays adventure

and today we are off to Pirogovo


  1. The Golden Gate of Kiev is a historic gateway in the ancient city walls of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

    This gateway was one of three constructed by Yaroslav the Wise, Prince of Kiev, in 1037. Originally named as simply the Southern the gates were among other three gates of the city fortification with other being called: Ładski and Żydowski. The stone fortifications stretched for only 3.5 km (~2.5 mi). The Żydowski gates were approximately located at the Lviv Square, and the Ładski gates - at Maydan Nezalezhnosti. Later the Southern gates began to be called as the Grand gates before the construction of the golden-dome Blahovist church which was established in the close proximity to the gates and easily seen from the outside of the city. Since that time the gates were known as the Golden Gates of Kiev. It was reputedly modelled on the Golden Gate of Constantinople, from which it took its name. In 1240 it was partially destroyed by Batu Khan's Golden Horde. It remained as a gate to the city (often used for ceremonies) through the eighteenth century, although it gradually fell into ruins.

    In 1832 the ruins were excavated and an initial survey for their conservation was undertaken. Further works in the 1970s added an adjacent pavilion, housing a museum of the gate. In the museum one can learn about the history of construction of the Golden gate as well as ancient Kiev.

    In 1982, the gate was completely reconstructed for the 1500th anniversary of Kiev, although there is no solid evidence as to what the original gates looked like. Some art historians called for this reconstruction to be demolished and for the ruins of the original gate to be exposed to public view.

    In 1989 with the expansion of the Kiev Metro, a station Zoloti Vorota was opened nearby to serve the landmark. What makes it unique is that its architectural ensemble is very much based on the internal decorations of ancient Ruthenian churches.
    Yaroslav the Wise Monument

    In 1997, the monument to Yaroslav the Wise was unveiled near the west end face of the Golden Gate. It is an enlarged bronze copy of an experimental figuring by Kavaleridze.

  2. wow thanks dima! we found it very interesting!



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