Saturday, July 24, 2010


trying to plan my return. tickets are paid for. I have a cd I can cash in. I have MOST of what I need leftover from last trip. I might be able to squeese a little more out of my savings. I havent looked at it lately to know. but I leave in a week and I dont think I have enough money to finish all the paperwork and room and board and driver. Small town and not at all supportive so getting anything done around here is impossible. my ebay sales never go very well. I lose money there. My etsy isnt moving. I usually have a change bucket but thats already been cashed in. I am scared that I will be there and run out of money and my husband is at home and here I am in a foreign country with 5 kids. We have enough to pay our bills no problem. but adoption is expensive and we hadnt counted on 5 weeks in country for the first trip. so the bulk of what we saved is already spent on this adoption, there are no reserves. only money that is earmarked for upcoming bills. all ideas are welcome here!


  1. Do you have a link to your Etsy store? I would love to help out and buy something. Or if I can't, do you have like a Paypal account where I can just donate some money. I don't have a lot, but I certainly would be willing to help the best I can. I'll check back here for answers or you can just email me. My email addy is in my profile.

  2. is my etsy. thanks for thinking of me!



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