Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making progress!

Bunks are up! girls beds are made up wtih sheets and comforters. Boys bunks are put together just need to get all the mattresses and sheets on. I have pillows for everyone. girls are on their beds. boys will be when I make the beds. Cleaned out some closets and got rid of some useless stuff taking up valuable space. got plane tickets for myself and Cody. plane tickets for the kids to return home with me. I also have received word from some people who know the children. they tell me all about them. I love to hear what they are doing and how they are. I love to hear about what they have done or how they have been in the past. we have had very kind offers to help with the children, to take us and the children to see sights so the kids can remember Ukraine. I hope we will get a chance to do some of those things.

what I love most is hearing about the children, MY children(I love to say that), and their past before me. What a gift to get that information. Many adoptive parents know only the life their child has from the moment of meeting and forward. I have been given an insight into their past from people who love them. I used to think that adoptions should be CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED!! but as we go forward, knowing Sophie's birth family and communicating with them gives me great satisfaction. I want for them to know that she is our wonderful beautiful beloved daughter and she means everything to us. I love to show them photos. and now I have these people who have known our other children before we knew them. and I am so happy to know them and hear info about the kids. and to have that connection to their past. I don't think I could advocate closed closed closed adoptions anymore. children need parents who love them, but also they need other adults who love them, who want the best for them. Thanks Darina and Dima for all the letters and word of the children, photos and info on their past. what a special gift.

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