Saturday, July 10, 2010

I am now mother to ten

we did get court approval for the two boys and two girls(thus effectively seperating the siblings). we are now the parents of ten, barring no appeals in the ten day wait. we didnt have internet access until now(at home in the states) we are exhausted after traveling and being up for 2 days with little sleep and a lot of heat and a lot of driving (and our car wouldnt start after sitting in our friends garage for a month).


  1. congratulations i feel bad though for the sister left behind shell know that her siblings are gone and maybe shell feel unwanted..but 4 more little lives have been saved to go onto fmaily lives..

  2. Congratulations mama of 10!! What a marathon you have been on! So glad you are home for a while. Will be following your blog for the next go-round. ;-)

  3. Сongratulations!!! I am very happy for you and your children!

  4. Congratulations! Four more children have found a home =) Enjoy!



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