Wednesday, July 7, 2010

days run together

Well I guess the heat got to them because no one seemed to like anything I had to offer this afternoon. Most days are good but I have to remember they ARE but children and will occasionally act like them! We got there late because they are not ever ready when we get there anyways. But then they had dinner early so they had to go. So we only got about an hour with them. I guess it works out because Natasha didn’t like her hair the way I did it so she sulked, Diana doesn’t like the name we gave her because someone else gave her a name. Vasa doesn’t like to be told no and had a little temper. Andre keeps handing me paper to make airplanes but then tells me the whole time NEE Mama. And does it himself differently. Only his way doesn’t fly and my way does. So after an hour of this we were ok with sending them in for dinner. Andre is still in the infirmary but they let him come out and play with us. He is doggone cute. My little AJ. Apparently this mornings events were forgotten because he had big hugs for me when he came out and more big hugs for me when he went back to infirmary.

It was beastly hot today. We walked home after morning visit and were drenched in sweat. We managed to get a taxi to come back after the afternoon visit. We are counting the days until we can go home. Eric has been trying to get the ladies to do some of our laundry. It hasn’t gone so well. The first day he went down there no one was there. Yesterday, Sunday he couldn’t find anyone around. Today he tried again and they told him no no, tomorrow is laundry day. So I guess he will try again tomorrow. When they will probably just say NO lol. that’s the way things have gone here. We bought some instant soup mix at the grocery store because there is a water heating thing in our room. But after I looked at it it is basically a bare coil inside the chamber and it really didn’t look all that clean so we opted to skip the soup altogether, although I suppose if you heated it to boiling it would kill anything. We have managed to have only one or two bouts of tummy trouble so we are trying really hard not to do anything that will make that three or four!!

I love reading all your comments. Makes me feel connected to home. I sure miss the kids. My baby doll Sophie I may not put down for a week when I get there. I told Eric the first thing I want to do is snuggle up with them all and watch a movie, ANY MOVIE, in ENGLISH! I haven’t heard too much from home except that they miss us. SO I presume all is well. Can’t wait to get Mocha and Ptera home too. I hope they haven’t forgotten us by now! I am dying to play hide and seek with Mocha. To make PB and Banana sandwiches for the kids, do DO LAUNDRY!, to do menial chores that need doing. I just want to be HOME HOME HOME!

Another morning with the kids. Another game of Uno. Or rather several games. All was well until Diana made Natasha draw 4 when she had only one card left. So she got mad and threw her cards down and ran off to pout. We carried on our game without her. But then Diana had to draw or got skipped or something she didn’t like so monkey see monkey do she tossed her cards in and went off in a half sulk in the way of Natasha. Jaeger gladly took over Natasha’s hand and played until Papa won. We only got to see Andrey for a couple minutes but long enough to make him a paper airplane since his from yesterday were lost, broken, thrown away, or otherwise disengaged from him. We just let the girls sulk and Eric pushed Jaeger in the swing. The girls inched closer and closer and eventually the two girls and Jaeger were all entertaining themselves nearby. Then they brought us little apples, as peace offerings I suppose, and Natasha was quick to give us hugs. And all was forgotten. Diana did my hair and then it was time for them to go to lunch.

We stopped at the baby house this morning and showed them all the photos of sSphie and Ben. They were all so happy to see them. I left a good picture of the two with the orphanage director to share around. I don’t imagine they get too many photos of their kids as they move on through the system or go home. As far as I know this is not a huge adoption region. Why that is I don’t know but we have had good experiences here. All of our troubles this time have been on the SunnyK end of things. And the birthplace of the girls(which is not Ptown). The director and the social worker and the attorney here at Ptown have been fabulous and I would recommend anyone looking for their child that they might consider Ptown. Beautiful children, gracious people, kind staff. The children get outside every day. They get fed at least 5 times a day. It isn’t as good as a family but it is a darn good place in terms of orphanages. There are many orphanages that are not nearly as nice as this one, and the staff not nearly as attentive. When a kid leaves here and comes home and really embraces family life with little difficulty I think that’s pretty telling that they were treated fairly well where they were. Not like a Mama of their own for sure but decent. I wish I could show you photos! I made a movie montage of the kids photos. Cant show you till I get home or Sunnyk


  1. well i am glad to hear all is going well there the kids here cant wait for you to give them lots and lots of hugs ethan said when mom gets home i am not going to let go of her!!! all is well here WE love you mommy!!

  2. I love you too sweety. I dont want to let go of anyone for at LEAST a week! Thanks so much for helping out babe. we couldnt do this without your help!! the girls are wonderful and the boys are lots of fun. you will love them. only wish I didnt have to come back for them. wish I could take them home NOW!

  3. Grandma wants to know when you are coming home: Saturday night when you land or sunday afternoon

  4. we will be home late saturday. we land at 230 I think. our flights changed from before. so we will be home in a couple hours after that but have to pick up dogs.



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