Saturday, July 3, 2010

back to ptown......again.

We are back in Ptown. Did all the paperwork for the boys today. Ironically we were unable to see them most of the morning as they are sick in the infirmary. By chance the nanny brought them out for a bit of sunshine and we got to play with them awhile and love on them. Poor Andre is really under the weather. Poor guy. He is a really active kid who disappears often and you have to go looking for where he has wandered off to so the nannys don’t yell at him or you. But today he just sat in my lap and let me rock him. He is so tiny. He was pretty warm with fever and then it was like 100 degrees outside so he was pretty hot. He just snuggled up to my chest and let me rock him. He likes to color and draw but he was so tired today that he kept wanting ME to color for him. And have ME draw all kinds of pictures for him. He was definitely NOT himself. I hope he feels better soon. Jaeger really loves his name. Natasha Jordan and Diana Claire seem to think I am telling them their new names are Jordan and Claire when in fact their names will remain Diana and Natasha but with the addition of Jordan and Claire. I keep saying DVA! Which means two so they understand that they have two names not that I am taking away their current name but they just go on and on about Jordan and Claire. Diana cant say Claire very clearly. It comes out like clayee. Andre we didn’t talk to much about names as he was so sick. The girls were very animated today. Asking Yulia all kinds of questions. Natasha wants a doll that wets. Not to be outdone, Diana wants a doll that Kakas. lol

We filed all the paperwork and then when Yulia went to file the court papers to ask for a court date we were informed that it is time for the 6 month review and they are not currently accepting any applications to the court. Wont be until the 12. Happens every year July1. YIKES! We wanted to go home on the tenth! But Yulia went and spoke with the judge and he SO KINDLY approved our petition for court and we DO HAVE A COURT DATE for next Friday at 10am. I sure hope we don’t run into any problems there. Went pretty smoothly last time but then so did everything else!! Nothing has gone smoothly this time and it is a bit more complicated. But at least we have a date and we have something to move towards. Of course this means we are in Ptown for the next week. We are so ready to go HOME! We want to see our other kids. We want to be in our own house and watch tv in our own language. We want to be able to move around in our house (we never have more than two rooms here, living/bedrooom and kitchen) unless you could the bathrooms then its 3 rooms. But small. Our last apartment as well as our rooms in Ptown could fit in ours and the boys bedrooms completely.

So when we come home we will have to put up the other set of bunks for the boys, finish setting up the bunks for the girls and get some dressers from thrift/garage sale/freecycle. We are considering getting another set of bunks for the boys. Ben might like a big bed all his own. He and Ethan could be on bottoms and Jaeger and Andre on tops. Leaving room for a dresser on another wall.

I hope the kids are doing well at home. I miss them so much. Every day Eric and I will see something and be reminded of the kids and how much we miss them. It might be a child on the street, a child on tv, a statue, a fountain, anything. Since internet is so limited for us here and expensive we are going to try a different route tomorrow(Saturday) and see if its cheaper at the post office than it is with the router. Miss you all.


  1. I can't believe we have court on the same day! Weird.

  2. Did you find anyone willing to come for Dasha? I cannot get her out of my mind! Thanks and good luck over there!

  3. I'm sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way for no more obstacles.

    I hope the boys feel better soon. I can't even imagine how much you miss your other kids. You are a very strong lady and I admire your courage and tenacity.

  4. Although you are wanting to be home, getting a court date in July is nothing short of a miracle in Ukraine. God is moving, if not at the pace we would like. Praying for peace for you, health for all, and strength for your continued journey! HUGS!



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