Monday, July 19, 2010

baby steps

ok so I got pillows and the other set of bunks. now we need some rainy days to put them together. The boys are excited to sleep in them. Working on tickets. looks like we can fly sunday for same price as monday. same flights. which gets us in monday afternoon. vital statistics is closed on Mondays so nothing much could have happened that day anyways. so then hopefully we can hit the ground running on Tuesday since we will have to drive all over the chernigiv region to get birth certs for the children as all 4 were born in different places! Nothing is centralised like it is here. so we will have to go to each city and get a new birth certificate for each child. I nested a little today. cleaned up the downstairs hallways and bathroom. I dont knwo what goes on in that bathroom but its always a disaster. got some laundry done. the girls will have tons of clothes and the boys too. still trying to find some small toys for travel. like polly pockets or my little pony. I hope they like it here. I guess if they dont, they will have to get used to it. I finished Andre's papers for school. still 3 kids to go. you have to fill out about a million pages each kid. and its all so redundant. I cant quite bring myself to get excited about filling it all out. not to mention I did this x3 last november and again x2 in May. I suppose I better get used to it. everywhere you go everything you do there is paperwork. and with ten kids thats ten times the paperwork.

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