Monday, July 26, 2010

heard from the kids....sort of...

poor Andre is sick again. poor baby. he was just sick 3 weeks ago. hope he feels better soon. would be better for him to be home with Mama when he is sick. soon Andre, Mama will take care of you when you get sick. Mama will hug and kiss you and rock you if you feel lousy. of course you will have hugs and kisses every day not just sick days. but Mama's have special powers when their kids are sick. They know how to make them feel better. Mama kisses and hugs can do wonders.

Dima visited with the other kids and sent us some cute photos. here is my favorite.


  1. Oh poor Andre! Hope he feels better soon! Love the pictures of the kids, they are very cute! All four of them

  2. I sure hope lil Andre starts feeling better soon!! I just love the pic!! What silly kids!! Are you all ready to go get them and bring them home??



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