Sunday, July 11, 2010

Did I mention?

that I took peanut butter with us and I loved it several times when I was very homesick. but we didnt eat it all and it was in my carry on, I didnt really think about it much. I brought it over there in my checked luggage. so anyways they questioned it at the airport leaving SunnyK. I explained what it was and they were fine. got to Germany, of course they flagged it too thinking it was liquid. I explained again that it was for sandwich. ok. onward ho. to Chicago. where they TOOK MY PEANUT BUTTER AWAY! I couldnt bring it to minneapolis. it is not liquid. it is not sharp. it is not dangerous. and there is nothing that says you cant have stuff of that consistency. they said NO LIQUIDS. it ISNT LIQUID. It is peanut butter and didnt cost much and there wasnt that much left anyways so I agreed that they could just toss it. wasnt worth a fuss. but I still dont understand.


  1. So glad you made it back safely!

  2. Oh the airports in the US LOVE stealing peanut butter! When we went to Disney in Florida we bought a couple jars of peanut butter (can't get that peanut butter with the jam in the same jar here in Canada, only the US) so we put it in our carryon because we didn't consider it a liquid, well they confiscated both jars....It made us very sad!

  3. I am glad that all went smoothly with coming home and that we were able to be a small part of your story. Bob said that the car not starting was especially disappointing - thank goodness for jumper cables (even in July!). Give our love to everyone - Cody, Crista, Ethan and Maia (hope I spelled their names right) - for being such great helpers while you were gone. Bob and I are very proud of them, helping their little brother and sister. It was beautiful out at the campground today...we missed you all!

  4. jeanne we were so happy to have you guys be part of our story and to have you in our lives. Chrysta and Cody did a great job of helping out here at home. I have to tell you that seeing a friendly familiar face at the airport after more than a month in a foreign country is SOOO comoforting!!!

  5. oh Charissa I miss you TONS! I keep thinking HEY! we can see John and Charissa for dinner...oh wait, we cant do that anymore. = (
    but you have to email me your address so I can send you the Russian Language cds. and so I can send you letters and love and words of congratulations when your babies get home.



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