Thursday, July 8, 2010

AJ the rascal

doesnt listen so good. doesnt like to hear nee. so I picked him up and took him away since he wasnt going to walk. he is small so it was not taxing. but I was NOT going to let him go. then he tried to BITE ME! scamp! he got a little pat on the behind. Just enough to distract him and get his attention. Really all he wanted was to act like a kid and play in this giant puddle where they had been sailing paper boats but if I let him swim in it not only is HE going to be in trouble I am too. And Jaeger decided it would be fun to grab the other boys privates. those boys need some boundries and HOW! the girls are really fine other than occasional pouts of sulks and soemtimes with a boy they will break out in a hockey game! but the two boys really need to get home and find out that this running amok is NOT going to fly. tomorrow is court. think of us. Please also think of our friends the Urbans as they have court too. They have been our lifelink while stuck over here.


  1. Sounds very normal boy stuff to me. Once they are home you can set new boundaries for them, that they will immediately try to expand. Boys are fun in a gross way only boys can be. See you all tomorrow afternoon

  2. no bob! saturday! not friday! home on SATURDAY!

  3. opps...that would be a long wait at the airport. I will be there on SATURDAY about 2 am or was it PM. I guess PM LOL



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