Sunday, July 11, 2010

home and exhausted

We are home and I am sick and exhausted. The boys had been sick last week but I just couldnt refrain from hugging and kissing them so I probably have whatever virus they had. We had one last hurrah on Friday night in SunnyK with the Whites and Urbans and Michelle Z and another family whose name I forget. I had felt this thing coming on since Thursday evening. but Friday night when ice cream didnt taste good I knew soemthing was wrong! I ate the ice cream but threw away the cone part I just couldnt stand the taste of it. so we got in late and had to get up early to fly out and I dont sleep on planes. so we were exhausted when we got home. but happy to be here. It is the little things here that make me happy right now. Things like turning on the tap and drinking the water, no worries. things like watching the tv or listening to radio and being able to understand every word. even if we dont care what they are saying we can understand! I happily sat and listened to a woman on her cell phone. I dont recall what she was saying but I listened just because I could! and besides if you are standing in the middle of the airport luggage area chatting it up it cant be THAT private of a talk. Eric is in his garden weeding like mad. the deer managed to get in despite our efforts while we were gone. but the weeds were much higher than the plants so they nibbled a lot of weeds and only some plants.

We were only able to get one dog yesterday so I have to go get Mocha today. I want to sleep instead. but I have to go get my girl. hope I dont fall asleep driving! Too bad I dont have a teenaged driver yet.

the kids at home were happy to see us and gramma said while they behaved just fine they ARE a lot of work for someone her age. We are happy they were able to be here in their own home for awhile before we got back. it also made getting back easier. I still havent unloaded the car except for my laptop. Since we had roaches at one place I want to open the bags outside and unpack them there and put them right into the laundry. and right now that just seems like too much effort.

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that you are home! to 10. Congrats and good luck! ;)



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