Thursday, July 29, 2010

heard from the kids again

via friends. what a special gift to be able to send messages to them and hear from them via the friends we met over there. I hear my Andre is feeling better and will be back in his groupoo soon. My other kids are well and happy and enjoying summer(as children should!!!)

gosh I didnt know how much I would miss them coming home! we have passed the 10 day wait and its official. they are OURS! I cant wait to go get them and bring them home!! I love them so much!

every day the other kids ask if today is the day I will bring home Natasha Diana Jaeger and Andre. and I have to say no, not today. Sophie couldnt be happier that she can share her room with them. Maia couldnt be happier that I bought them all matching outfits. Chrysta will be happy, she has lobbied for these kids ever since the day we met them. She said we HAVE to get them! She was right. We did. they were ours in our hearts after that first day. we played with lots of kids those days we were there but none stole our hearts the way these 4 did. Ethan is thrilled to have some brothers who can keep up with him. he likes to do all boy all the time kind of stuff and poor Ben just cant. Ben knows these kids he was in groupoo with them. He looooooves the girls especially and asks about them all the time. and wants Jaeger to be on the top bunk of his bed. he and Andre are only ONE MONTH(precisely) apart in age. Cody is looking forward to going to Ukraine. last time he was sick the whole time. oh gosh I cant wait to get them home! I better go pack and get stuff done so I can get there and hug my girls and kiss my boys and see that special Jaeger smile and Andre's squinty smily eyes. so I can play Uno with Natasha and snuggle her and Diana.


  1. I gather you will not need the parking but if we can help let us know. When do you fly out on Sunday?

  2. ps we are going to chrysta cody and ethans camp show on saturday. you might enjoy that.



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