Wednesday, July 14, 2010

missing the children

thankfully I know people who have been in contact with them since I left and know they are fine. I am not looking forward to traveling back over there. BEING there is great, and having the kids will be wonderful, but the LOOOOOOOONG travel over there is boring and exhausting. but it will all be labor pains soon forgotten in the jumble of voices as they all say MAMA! MAMA! Hope they wont forget the English they learned. I remember enough of the Russian I learned to still play Uno so I am sure all will be well! lol. Natasha just coudlnt get enough of that game. the others enjoyed it but not as much as Natasha. She is a smart girl and I think she loves the strategy of the game. gives her a chance to think! Oh Natasha and Diana, your sisters are here awaiting your arrival!!! Jaeger and Andre, the boys can hardly wait to share their room with you! and show you around the woods.


  1. I hope your wait goes by quickly so you can get them home soon :)

  2. Hi! Glad you stopped by our blog. Can't believe we were both in Chicago on the 6th and didn't know it. We missed meeting you our last night in Kiev at the buffet with the other families.
    My oldest daughter is coming with me this trip as long as her passport shows up by Fri. We depart Chicago this sat the 17th at 3:40pm. Please email me maybe we can connect at some point. Congrats on the your 4 cuties! They are precious!!

  3. I talked to girls today. They are fine and telling you "hi"

  4. thanks Dima! I love to hear of them!!!



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