Sunday, July 4, 2010

just another day in paradise....uhh Ptown

Just another day in Paradise. I mean Ptown.

The weather has finally cooled off a bit. Still pretty warm but not beastly hot and steamy. Today is Sunday and we are counting the days until we are back home. We miss the simple things. We miss the kids. We miss the dogs and the cat. There are many dogs and cats running loose here but you dare not touch one lest you end up with a bite! The last night we were in Kiev we went to dinner with John and Charissa and these two HUGE dogs were out with their owner, off leash. The MONSTER sized one barely looked at us but the almost monster sized one decided he needed to check us out and I was a little worried. Charissa’s heart is about as big as the moon and she reached out to the dog to let it smell her and I automatically said DON’T TOUCH CHARISSA! Thankfully the dog didn’t seem interested in anything but saying hello and when we ignored it and kept walking he went away. So we sure miss OUR dogs. Even Ptera the weewee queen!

The boys have still been in the infirmary but they came out again this morning while we were playing Uno with the girls. Jaeger saw me and ran to me and hugged me. Andrey wasn’t far behind. Andrey doesn’t want to let go once he gets his arms around you. Both boys are feeling a bit better and are anxious to run and play but are not yet allowed. Natasha and Diana are such good loving girls. With the boys out of the picture for a couple of days we have really seen the real Diana. She is so funny and dramatic. She gets more and more loving every day. She has started batting her eyelashes and creating great drama before laying down her cards in Uno. One day she even kissed her cards! She is a riot and I know she and Maia are going to have a LOT in common. Natasha love love loves Uno. She wants to play again and again. She sometimes gets mad at Diana when she is trying to be funny and sneak a wild card out of the deck and into her hand. We took some pics of the girls today with papa and with mama. Then each girl wanted to take pictures. We also brought them a little treat today. We have to do that away from the others so we don’t get into trouble for spoiling their dinner.

I wanted to take photos of the other little ones today but it was bath day and everyone was in their underwear and I didn’t think it would be appropriate to post those kinds of photos. Later when they are all dressed up cute I will take photos and maybe you will see your future son or daughter! Dasha is my favorite no doubt. But one of the little boys who used to be really naughty to me has started eating up any attention I throw his way and he isn’t mean. and he is awful dang cute. I think his name is Sasha. Big blue eyes and sandy hair cut short. Cuuuute!! Zapphirra has started being a little nicer but can stil be a stinker. She does love hugs though. And Vika, sweet lovable Vika needs a mama and soon! She has really started to blossom with just the little bit of one on one attention I have been able to give her. If she had a full time Mama all her own who saw the light in her eyes and the love she has to offer she could really reach her potential(which is really unknown due to her cognitive disabilities)

Today because of bath day we only got an hour with the girls instead of two but we enjoyed it. They seem to enjoy our time too. They always want to know about the kids back home. They want to know about Ben and Maia and Ethan and Sophie. And is Cody big? And where are Chrysta’s glasses in this picture? They are very observant girls!

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  1. Oh Tammy......I simply cannot wait till you are on your way home with them all. You guys are the best!! Sending prayers!!



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