Monday, July 5, 2010

same ole same ole

except when we got up this morning there was no hot water. not like there was water it just wasnt hot, but REALLY no hot water, as in turn the faucet on hot and NOTHING COMES out! seems to have been resolved while we were at the orphanage with the kids this morning.

Andre did something strange today. he is clumsy. and he turned to run and fell right into a hydrangea bush and cut his hand open and he got up and ran away from us. I ran after him and scooped him up and held him in my lap clucking over his poor little booboo. it wasnt that bad and had stopped bleeding already but he fought me tooth and nail saying NEE MAMA! I kept saying DA MAMA! I dont know if he expected to get in trouble for falling into the bush or get in trouble for cutting his hand or didnt want stinging medicine on his hand. but he wanted NOTHING to do with me. I held him anyways and just talked to him and told him DA mama and he has to get used to Mama if we are going to America. then he wanted papa. surely PAPA will let me down. nothin doin I wasnt letting him go. he lived. I returned him to the infirmary with a kiss and hug shortly after that without mentioning his little booboo. maybe it will help him to learn to trust me. Nothing bad happened, he fell down, he got hurt, and he got held thats all. nothing bad.

nothing else new. I tried to upload photos but it used up my internet time and never even posted so I guess I cant show any photos till I get to Kiev or home.


  1. Are you flying out Saturday am? I'll bet we ARE on the same flight. Why wouldn't we be??!

  2. I remember when my 4 year old would fall down and clunk his head I'd say, "Oooh! Bah-leet??" (Ooh! Are you hurt?) and he'd rub his head and say, "Nyet!" and walk away. He'd fall again and again, each time with me asking if he was hurt and each time denying it, as if irritated by the question. I was getting frustrated, as I wanted to comfort my new adorable little boy when finally he fell pretty hard and after I asked if he was hurt, he whined, rubbed it and said, "NYET!" then sniffed and came back and started to cry saying, "Dah!! Dah, bah-leet!!". I think it must be something that is heavily discouraged over there. NONE of my Russian kids EVER wanted sympathy from me until they learned at school how much attention they can get, and a cool Band-Aid.

    Give it time. He will learn to accept you. :o)




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