Thursday, July 8, 2010

afternoon visit

much uno was played. sometimes with 2 players sometimes with 3 or 4. for the first time Jaeger came and wanted to play when no one else was playing. I suppose because he got yelled at yesterday for running around after having been sick about 3 days ago. he probably didnt want to get into trouble again. smart boy!
I explained to the kids via pictures that Papa and I will go home and I will return for them and take them home with me. AJ was a funny boy this afternoon. he is so tiny. much like Ethan, only smaller! Ethan will look like a giant! anyways he was digging with one hand and eating a sour green apple with the other. I offered to hold his apple for him while he digs so he didnt get sand on the apple. he let me hold it for a long time. he is learning for sure. When we arrived this afternoon AJ got a talking to about staying out of the water and he cried because she said he couldnt go outside with us. but she changed her mine and let him come and we stayed away from the water. anyways he was digging and digging a deep hole in the sand box and then BLOOP! he just fell off the sandbox backwards. we both laughed and laughed so of course he did it again. I said oh are you hurt? and grabbed him up and smooched him all over the head and he let me. this is progress. I let him bury my feet in the sand. I love that. he had fun doing it too. We brought candies, and Diana is so funny, she was hiding them in various places in her little bag so she can savor them one or two at a time. no one wanted to say goodbye today as we all know it will be awhile until we can be together again on a daily basis. I promised Natasha I would bring back the photo book for her to keep while we are gone. I wanted to have it for court as it was useful last year. so I will drop it off when we run to say goodbye before leaving here tomorrow. It is easy to see why Natasha is everyone's sweetheart. she is so loving and sweet. she stood in the window watching us go with a big sad face. we blew her kisses and waved. the others had already moved on to dinner. not Natasha. she waved and waved. they are really such good kids that just need a family of their own to teach them right and wrong. and to let them act like kids. This mornings adventure with sailing paper boats got them in trouble. my other kids would have been swimming in the puddle for sure. or at least sitting in it. AJ the clown is the only one who got wet. he just couldnt resist. it really seems sometimes that puddles are just MADE for little boys. or maybe little boys are just MADE to play in puddles. at any rate its a fun thing to do and doesnt hurt anyone and I am rather inclined to let them do it. but alas I am not yet their boss. so we stayed out of the puddles. I cant wait to see their eyes in the spring when the snow melts and the puddles are HUUUUGE!!

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