Friday, March 12, 2010

where we are

I received the homestudy copy for the dossier and the agency and the social worker license. the I600 is on its way to Texas(along with a plea for mercy and quickness). signed and notarized the intent paper and the POAs. need to get those approved by someone and then send them off. Hang on girls! Natasha Halle, Diana Hope, and Molly Victoria. I bought some clothes for them for when I go there. cute cute outfits and I cant wait to see their shining faces all dressed up. of course I have other worries like what if they dont want to be adopted? what if someone else adopts them? and just how severe are Molly's developmental problems? She seemed quite delayed when we went last year. but her pictures show her smiling and laughing which is a side of her we didnt see. I hope she will thrive at home. The big girls I am not so much worried about adapting. but Molly worries us on many levels. Oddly enough, behind all those worries, I am VERY excited to bring her home. Maybe more so than the older two. Maybe thats because she was a bonus surprise. We always knew we would try to bring home Natasha and Diana. We didnt know about Molly. I still have this small glimmering hope that we will be able to bring home vasy too but my doubts are getting great on that subject. so just focusing on what we know. the girls are sisters, we dont want them split. and that means we get Molly. = ) I want to sing like that scene in Annie. We got Molly! weeeeee got Molly!

Chrysta really doesnt want us to call her Molly but Eric and I love it and I always thought we would have a Molly someday. I just thought she would be Ethiopian. so Molly is a surprise on another level too lol.

I am so anxious to get everything done and yet at the same time I cant do ANYTHING because I have the littles and the snow and rain and cant "run in" anywhere without unloading and reloading everyone and having to carry Sophie. My fundraiser was a flop. I thought people who had adopted from Ukraine would like the magnets and donate but no one has. Maybe I will keep them myself. although I have a set like them already that says Pryluky. Maybe I just need to market them differently. I dont know.


  1. When do you think you will be traveling? So you adopted from Pryluky, Chernigiv? Rachel is from there.

  2. yes! sophie and ben are from ptown and so are the girls we are heading over for. Hoping to travel this summer. the girls will be transferred end of summer. they are on the list of expedited dossier medical conditions. so trying to whip it all together and get over there asap! we dont want the girls to have to go to boarding school and they dont want to go there. I didnt know Rachel was from Ptown!



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