Friday, March 19, 2010


my child specific form and POAs were sent monday to be apostille. they arrived Tuesday(delivery confirmation) I had hoped they would be returned by now. I even enclosed postage paid priority mail envelope, and a letter begging for expediency. I just called the office and they are working on Tuesdays orders today. which means I wont get it until some time next week. My guess is it wont go out yet today so probably not until Tuesday. I could have driven there and had it done in an hour but if I mail it I have to wait a week? crazy.

USCIS still hasnt taken their money or sent receipt. I have no idea if they even received it. I didnt send it the agency did. I should have sent it myself so I could track it. Still hoping to travel this summer or late this spring. of course all of this depends on when these documents come back and USCIS does their thing.

I find myself shopping for the girls clothes a lot. mostly online. I have to restraing myself! I find tons of cute things and fill my virtual basket, and usually end up feeling guilty for spending money and then dont buy anything. I have always been that way so at least if I am doing it online no one has to actually physically put back my rejected purchases!

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