Tuesday, March 16, 2010

POA and CSF is off to apostille. hope they turn it around QUICKLY! I included self posted priority mail envelope for their return. Waiting for I600A. My passport arrived so I can print the remaining documents. Need to write a letter requesting our criminal record. We usually run down there but we have no reason to be in that area any time soon. so will mail for it. no word on I600A yet but has only been a few days since it went in. Cant expect much yet on that. so thats where we are. in the middle. lol. planning garage sale when weather warms up. of course every weekend of warm weather we like to spend at the campground but will have to forfeit one at least. Still have some bracelets left I could try to sell. but hit most everyone up last time. maybe chrysta will want to sell them to her friends and teachers.

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