Saturday, March 20, 2010

a big fundraising sale

cleaned out my dresser and top of my dresser and the boys toys. need to go through the boys clothes. Most of the girls clothes are being held to hand down. Maia's clothes will either fit Molly or eventually Sophie and Chrystas clothes will fit Natasha Halle and Diana Hope either soon or eventually. I brought home some clothes from Moms so I am parting with a bunch of mine to make room for the new ones. I have tons of stuff still in the garage from the last sale and now this stuff and more to come for sure. Need the SUN to come out and STAY OUTand find some tables and have a big ole sale to raise money. I considered renting a community room but then I would have to haul it all over there and up the stairs and down the looooong hall to the community room.... Maybe the community center in Onamia. I could ask the church but Eric really doesnt want me to do that. so as soon as I find a place I can do a fundraiser sale. I hate pricing anyways so I can just offer it as freewill donation. Maybe once I get a date and a time and place I can bake some stuff to sell too.

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