Tuesday, March 30, 2010


anyone who knows me online knows that EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! means something good happened! Our I171H is here. in record time. and I dont have everything else! that means I cant submit my dossier yet. but I will get going quickly now! I just thought I had lots of time since the I171H usually takes weeks or months. so I need to hurry and gather my documents. hurry and save money. hurry and have a garage sale to try and make a few more sheckles. If anyone would like to donate they can click on the button of our girls to the right. or click the chipin on the right. If 20 people sent 2 dollars that is one nights hotel or apartment stay. I hope we have enough cash flow to get this done. I know we will get it back later but since we just finished an adoption x two 6 months ago we pretty much drained our savings. and are using our entire tax refund this year towards the girls. We have to buy beds still too. and airfare. We have plenty for facilitator. its travel where we might come up short. I guess there is always the credit card. ugh.

anyways I ALWAYS second guess myself in everything. the girls names are no different. Molly is still Molly. I ALWAYS wanted a Molly. so that works out great. but Halle and Hope are now on my questionable list. will halle always end up being hayley? or Hal? what if we named them Natasha Madeline and Diana Margaret? then we would have Maia Maddy Molly and Maggie. maia and molly will already be virtually twins. along with ben. ah well I guess I will come up with something. Eric's eyes just glaze over and he says we have months to come up with a name....

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