Thursday, March 18, 2010


got the all important document from the county assessor. YAY! one more down. Wrote a letter to BCA(beureau criminal apprehensions) for background checks. will send that one out tonight yet. the POA and CSF I was waiting for didnt arrive today. darn. and the USCIS hasnt yet taken my money so chances are they havent even looked at my homestudy and documents and I600 yet. still hoping for a fast turnaround like last time. hey a girl can hope cant she? never even got into the system for checking status. it was done too fast. hoping praying begging for quick turnaround on that. was sent in last week. of course I dont know HOW it was sent because the homestudy agency did it. I would have sent it priority mail. ahh well some of these things are out of our hands. just hoping it comes back quick so we wont end up having to redo prints.

another thing that occurred to me today is we are going to need about a thousand dollars for beds! two sets of bunks and 4 mattresses. the bunks are only 169 at milaca unclaimed freight, but the mattresses are not cheap. maybe they are cheaper somewhere else. I guess I dont HAVE to get mattresses same place as the bunk beds. We decided not to do a triple bunk and do two sets of bunk beds instead so they can split up into different rooms at some point if that becomes an option.

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