Monday, March 29, 2010

I am having my OHMYGOD I am about to give birth! panic attack!

what am I doing? what am I thinking? what if Molly doesnt respond to us? what if they dont want to be adopted? what if they dont want to be adopted and we bring home someone else and they are sociopaths in the making? what if the plane falls out of the sky? what if I get lost in country? (really Ptown isnt THAT big)what if I run out of money? what if I get mugged? what if the girls dont like me or listen to me? what if they run away at the airport? what if I have to cry all the way across the ocean again thinking what have I done? and when will I sleep? I NEED sleep. and if I have to keep track of three nonsleeping girls all the way home when will I sleep? what if Molly turns out to be really too much and we feel we cant bring her home? What will happen then? and what will I do all by myself for couple weeks in Ptown? I dont Speaka Da Language. what if my family falls apart? what if the kids are sick when Im gone? what if Sophie and Ben are mad at me for leaving them? Will Ethan ever forgive me for leaving him again? it isnt too late to turn back! Think how easy life was with 4 kids! now there are 6! what in the world am I to do with NINE??or TEN if the boy is able to join us?

ok freak out over. my girls are waiting and I am going to go whip up the paperwork I need so when the gov approval comes we can send it all off!

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  1. OH.MY.GOSH! Look to the right.. those girls are beautiful!! What beautiful faces to add to your beautiful family. I am so excited for you. Everything will turn out just fine. You are such an angel!



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