Thursday, March 25, 2010


and STILL they rejected my application and want their fee for biometrics. and until they get them my application is suspended. it SAYS if you send a letter stating that they have your prints on file along with a copy of the I171H saying your prints re good when you send your application then they will waive the fee. did they even READ the stinkin letter? did they even LOOK at it? did they SEE those beautiful faces and read that they have special needs and are older wiating children and PLEASE hurry because we already HAVE PRINTS ON FILE? apparently not. call the customer service number and all they can say is email the I600 people, they can not help me on the phone. and oh by the way it can take up to ten days for them to respond. TEN DAYS! thats a lifetime when you are a child in an orphanage waiting for a Mama and Papa to love you. I sent a letter to explaining the problem and now I wait. while it has been mostly smooth sailing thus far I am now upset. yes these things happen. yes its difficult to get the documents and get everything in order. but I thought it was going along swimmingly. If I just sent them the 160 dollars then they would have to schedule us for biometrics which WE DONT NEED. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! why cant they pay attention? seriously you wonder who they hire. Do they even CARE about their job and the lives at stake? or is it just protocol and paperwork and status quo and who cares who its for? I am feeling very discouraged. ten days is not the end of the world. I know that. but it is very frustrating when you do everything JUST RIGHT and STILL it is rejected.

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