Monday, March 1, 2010


corrected homestudy update in the email back to sw. so all she has to do is print it and sign it. I600A is filled in mostly. need answers to a couple more questions that I didnt know. Got that FIRST piece of dossier and I think it probably isnt going to fly. darnit. but still feels good to have started things moving. Want to gather dossier in RECORD TIME! now if someone would just donate to our fundraiser. I guess if no one wants the great magnets I will put them up on my fridge. Still the name debate goes on. Eric wants to keep, I want to change or give the girls the option to choose. Halle and Hope are the top of my list but what about the little sibling girl? what do we call her ? I was thinking victoria sage but like Eric said, if she has FAS or something similar sage is a big misplaced. I hadnt thought of that. any ideas? her name is victoria I believe. I hate vicki and am not all that fond of Tori.

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