Monday, March 29, 2010

GRR! this one NAGGING piece of the puzzle!

first my letter requesting public record was returned because I forgot to add the check. so I returned it WITH check and they now returned it saying they need Erics signature too. So it is all packed up to return. and it has now been two weeks and they take two weeks to process it so my "two weeks" will be more like a month. and why do they need his signature if its public record and I could walk in off the street and get it but I cant get it by mail without his signature? next they will write me and tell me some other reason I cant do it. and why didnt they ask for the signature the first time they returned it? I could have driven down there, waited an hour, driven home, stopped for lunch on the way and had it all done in one day but I dont have any days coming up when I can do that. so back it goes in the mail. hopefully this time it comes through. I ordered our marriage certs and those wont take long as I know st louis county works fast and I made SURE to include check! lol. then its just a bunch of miscellanious signing and our dossier will be good to go(when our I171h gets here, remember they said this week)

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