Monday, February 22, 2010

well its official, everyone thinks we are crazy. and they may be right. but we are crazy in a good way. We have big hearts. we have a big enough home. we have enough food. why are we crazy to share that with someone who needs it? Why are we crazy to give a home to kids who need one? Taking them from a life of hell and giving them hope and a future is crazy? well then I dont wanna be sane!


  1. Congratulations on that crazyness then (: Hope there were more people as crazy as you are!! I'm sure your new girls will bring so much joy to your life! Oh and speaking about the girls, have you picked names? I'm thinking about Natasha Kylie, or Natasha Elia, or Natasha Kaitlin. Also like Diana Hailee

  2. Emi I am thinking Halle(like halle berry not haylee) and Hope (and we have added two others) and Isobel and Jacob.

  3. I love names with a strong meaning and Hope is one of my favorites. I also like Jacob, that's the name I'll give my son when I have one ;)



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