Friday, February 12, 2010


Been thinking about our girls. my girls. how will they take to family life? will they remember us? Do they know we remember them? Do they remember all the fun we had together last year? Do they remember all the pictures we took of them? that someone took an interest in them? I just cant wait to see them unfold. Will they want a new name? or want to keep their old name? Will they be as excited as Sophie and Ben were to go to Amelika? more? I am hoping to get a chance to take them to the zoo in Kiev. when will we be able to get everything lined up and get an appointment with SDA? I need to order a new passport and kick myself for not doing it sooner. when will I be able to get THAT done? Maybe monday while the kids are in school? I have to go to Milaca to do that. and how can I with the littles? I can take them with me but then it would take me longer to haul everyone out of the car than it would to get it done inside yet I cant leave them IN the car. oh wait no school monday its a holiday. and so I suppose the govt center isnt open anyways. anyways I am just thinking of our girls and what to name them and how it will be to see them again. I look at their photos all the time.

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