Monday, February 1, 2010


ideas? once again we need to come up with the funds to adopt the girls. Seems like not so long ago we were just doing this! and we found that our small town was less than forthcoming and downright mean. so how can I raise the funds to bring home the girls? I still have a few bracelets I can sell for a few bucks. we expect to get about half from our tax return using the adoption credit for sophie and ben. I have some 2 inch tiles I was thinking of putting something on them and making them magnets to sell on etsy or somthing. locally there is little I can do, it costs several hundred dollars to sell at the local craft shop. I put up a chip in so friends or family who read can put in a few dollars if they want but I know from our previous adoption that it wont come up to what we need. We had enough in savings last year but obviously its gone now because we used it to bring home Sophie and Ben. so help me come up with ways to get some money! When its warmer I was thinking to take all my garage sale crap to my moms house in a bigger city and have a sale there. doing it here last year netted me peanuts. not enough to make it worth my time and energy. HELP! Our girls need a home! their special need is one that many people would never even consider. Their future in thier home country is not at all bright. Very dim indeed.

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