Thursday, February 18, 2010

the kids

I could spend all day looking at their photos and videos. but nothing would get done then would it? Got the paper notarised for RR and tried to email it but it was returned. so now I have to mail it. still waiting to hear about the sib. Hopefully our hs wont take very long since not much has changed. She will have to change everyones ages to a year older, add in sophie and ben as our kids, change the age range, number of kids and special need and thats about it. Will gladly come up with the rest of the payment if it meant it would be done in a hurry!! I just got a bill saying the down payment is 1200. but the whole thing costs 1700? and we have to pay 100 travel fee.I sent 500 back with the worker. I am not paying nearly the ENTIRE thing before the hs is done. They better be happy with my 500 until they tell me send money hs is done! oh please let it go fast! now I have read some different things lately about changes in the country in how things go. also how things work on this end. hope it all falls into place.

until I can come for you my darlings, goodnight goodnight, sweet dreams till the morning. good night. good night goodnight.


  1. Just read through this whole site. SO exciting! I am happy I have the opportunity to follow along. Minnesota is not all that far away, perhaps some day our paths will cross.

  2. that would be VERY exciting. I am hopeful since we dont have to wait for another adam walsh that my hs will be done QUICKLY!



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