Monday, February 22, 2010


letter from the other side of the world

We talked to the (adoption agency of the government) about your case and they say that according to their rules they cannot issue a referral for 4 unrelated kids at a time. At first they issue a referral to see the sisters. Once we get all the paperwork for the girls (in case you decide to adopt both or just the one) we file a petition asking to issue a referral for the other two (girl and boy). After you meet the children and receive all the information on their health condition you can decide whether you want to adopt them or not.
We don't know if the boy is available for international adoption at all and if he has special needs. Because if he does not have special needs you'll not be allowed to adopt him if your dossier is submitted in front of the line for special needs children. But we can find that all out only once you get here and we receive referrals to meet the children.
(person on other side of the world)

this frustrates me! I will work through it. I know I have to jump the hoops and do what Im told. but sheesh why is it so hard to just take some kids that dont have a home and give them love and a family and a future? and what if the boy is unable to come home to us? we adore him. We were really looking forward to having him in our family. ok. calm. deep breath. patience. PATIENCE IS NOT MY THING! patience. I must have patience. I am the Mama. I am the Mama. I must be patient and give up control.


  1. So does this mean you can possibly adopt all four, but have to do two at a time? Do you have to do two separate adoption trips? Or just that you can only commit now to the first two and have to commit to the other two while in country, but can still bring all four home at once? So confusing.

  2. Im not sure what it means..... thats why its so frustrating. so we are committing to the original girls we planned for and will see what happens when we get there. its all we can do I think.



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